How To Get Fake Facebook Like For Your Website

Facebook is the largest social networking sit.It helps to increase the traffic of a website or blog.This is a simple trick by which you can make that your website looks like it gets more like on facebook.

A facebook page cannot get likes by this method.This will only helps for those who have a website of their own.

To get fake facebook likes follow the below steps:

Step 1:Open your website and copy the URL address.

Step 2:Go to your facebook account and post the link in update status and change 'public' to 'only me'.

Step 3:Then click on comment and again paste the link in it.

Step 4:Do the steps again and again till how many likes you want.Then see your website the number of likes will be increased.After getting likes you can remove the post,it will not affect your likes.



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  1. I love all black hatter techniques except for hacking. I like your idea (I don't use facebook, but if I did, I just might be sorry enough to try it.) Funny though.

  2. Replies
    1. @Jamar:I have personally checked this before posting this article, before your comment this page has 8 likes but see now this page has 12 likes.
      So if you follow this correctly you can get it. If you have any doubt in any particular step inform me.

  3. too great i works
    wow ..........
    it added 2 likes per comment
    you can cheack it on my web
    before 3 comment on facebook there is 3 likes
    after it there is 9 likes
    total 6 fake likes are added in 3 comment & 1 post
    again thanks

    did it work on facebook page also ?

  4. this is help for me.thanak you very much and may god bless you brother..

    Learn blogger tricks from here..

  5. Can some do it for me I'll give you my account details I did it and it didn't work

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  6. does it work straight away or do you have to wait awhile

  7. Who does not want to bother - can run macros and scripts. In an extreme case - GhostMouse

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