3 Stress-Busting Tips Every Blogger Must Know

This is a guest post by Mia Johnson, Become Guest Author In Spice Up Blogging. Blogging is no more just about penning down your thoughts or venting out the expression overhaul you are experiencing. It has become more of a business that can fetch you good money if handled with care, just like offshore software development. But as the popularity of blogging is increasing, the competition to go along with it is also increasing. In order to stand out of the crowd you need to work dedicatedly on your blog, invest hard work and patience, all of which can make you feel stressed and exhausted. 
This post talks about a few practical ways that can help you keep stress and anxiety at bay as you are blogging or managing your blog, without feeling down at all. 

Write What You Love. The biggest reason why some bloggers face a tough time at work is that they write for blogs that doesn’t allow sticking to one topic, especially the one that they love. They have to write way too many articles catering to several different niches. They try to cash in on every niche and thus write on every topic which lures them. 
While this is not a bad idea altogether, especially of you have the necessary skills interest and time, writing such huge volume of content can take a toll on your writer stamina and you have the risk of being burned out yourself. That is why even pro bloggers suggest that you should always follow your passion and not the money it fetches. If you do so, you will never feel the pressure building up on you, fresh ideas will pop up in your mind every now and then, and as you keep up the good work money flows in naturally.

Outsource As and When Possible. If you are finding it difficult to dedicate time to your work, you can think about outsourcing some of its aspects, just as businesses outsource software development. Numerous sites such as Fiverr, Elance etc. are operating online, where you can outsource your work without spending many a dimes. Doing this will relieve a lot of your stress and allows you to concentrate on other things that you couldn’t manage earlier. 
Welcome Guest Bloggers. Outsourcing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially amateur bloggers who haven’t started earning much as of now, welcoming guest posts on your site with a few backlinks is a great idea! Most successful bloggers are using this strategy today. 
This will be mutual benefit situation for both you and your guest bloggers. While guest bloggers can earn backlinks and some reputation, you will get access to free quality content, which will keep your blog updated without you putting in much of efforts. However, before you put this approach into practice you will have to ensure that your blog is at least PR 2. Also, do not allow your blog to be flooded with guest posts. Limit the number of posts you accept in a month’s time period. Try to write frequently yourself as you definitely don’t wish to hamper your readership.

Blogging is a great business avenue; all you need to ensure is that you explore it with right degrees of interest. Stressing out can ruin things for you especially if you are managing your blog on your own. So, try and incorporate these handy stress-busting tips in your daily work schedule and see how it works wonders in keeping anxiety at bay. 

About the author:  Mia Johnson is a freelance blogger associated with an offshore software development firm at full-time basis. He has been blogging for Outsource Software Development niche for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various web technology blogs

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