4 Ways To Find Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social networking site in which most of them spends more time. Twitter does not offer a facility to find who unfollowed you or who did not followed you back. But there are some third party applications by which you can know who unfollowed you or who did not followed you back.

Here are some 4 ways to know more about your twitter account.

This is one of the best way to get the details about who unfollowed you on twitter. It offers both free and paid service. That is you can check for one account for free, if you need to connect more than one twitter account you can use the paid service. Just log on to www.useqwitter.com.

This is a another way in which you should enter your username and click submit button. There you can get more details such as your fans and whom you are following and who did not follow you back and some other details. To do this just log on to www.friendorfollow.com.

In this method you should log in to your twitter account by visiting www.twunfollow.com. There you can get the details about who unfollowed you. But in this service it will take upto 48 hours to show the details.

By this application you need to log in with your twitter account at www.twittaquitta.com. Then it will show who unfollowed you on twitter and also it will send email to you every day regarding who unfollowed you.

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