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This is a guest post and today our author is Shelly Flaherty, in this post she explains about the top 7 free android games. See How to become guest author in Spice Up Blogging. There are hundreds of brilliant games now available on the Android Market, so many in fact that you sometimes have no idea which ones to actually bother with. We’ve tried and tested out a whole bunch of them for you so you can download only the best of the bunch directly onto your Android phone. There’s something for everyone on here, so you can guarantee you’ll be able to find one you’ll love. Some of these are mighty addictive, be prepared to invest some serious time into chasing high scores!

1. 4 Pics 1 Word ★★★★★

The name of this app pretty much describes exactly what it does. You are given four images, and a selection of jumbled up letters. These images all are related in a way that will be connected via a word, and you then go on and spell out the word once you get it using the letters provided. Some are very easy and don’t take much brain power, but trust us these get more cryptic and trickier as you go on. You may have seen screenshots of this app appearing all over Facebook of people struggling with harder puzzles, be prepared for a lot of head scratching with this one.


2. Guess The Movie ★★★★★

This is one of our favourite apps on this list, and a must have for any movie buffs out there. The app shows you simplified versions of original movie posters and then, of course, you ‘Guess the Movie’! Just how good do you think your knowledge of film is? There are multiple difficulty levels for those brave enough. Believe us, some are head slappingly frustrating and will have you shouting “I should’ve known that one!”  It’s a really fun and intelligent little app.


3. Coin Dozer ★★★★

Remember those irritatingly fun arcade machines, where you drop in the 2p and hope to see the precariously hanging sheet of other 2p coins get pushed off the edge? You’d often win a plastic cow or an edible bracelet, but they were still worth every £1 you ended up changing in and pumping in them? This is just that, but in mobile form, and will thankfully leave your pockets jingling with any change you may have in them. With cute little virtual prizes for getting enough coins pushed off the edge, this will provide endless fun. Also great for parents who’s little ones are kept occupied by your smartphone.


4. Temple Run ★★★★

One of the more well known apps and a sensation in mobile gaming is Temple Run. If you don’t know what it is, or haven’t heard of it before – it’s time to get downloading fast. Without a doubt possessing an addictive quality, you have to swerve, jump and manoeuvre your way through a treacherous jungle, collecting power ups and coins as you go alone. It gets notoriously difficult and leaves you constantly clicking the replay button. Not to mention there are creepy temple beasts constantly behind you, waiting for you to trip... Don’t be dinner!

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5. Vector ★★★★

A slick and sleek little game where you’re on the run from the minions of the totalitarian state you’re determined to break free from. With nifty intros and a James Bond-esque style, you have to slide, vault and sprint your way across rooftops of a dystopian city. A really all round ‘cool’ game, visually pleasing and packs enough content to keep you playing again and again.


6. Jurassic Park™ Builder ★★★

Based around the massive films in the Jurassic Park™ franchise, this app may be small but packs a big bite, a ‘Velocir-app-tor’, perhaps? With the chance to build your own Jurassic Park right from scratch this is a very Sims like little game. With the chance to hatch, grow and look after your own dinosaurs could you really ask for more? It is great for kids who, unfortunately, aren’t allowed their own pet T-Rex.

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7. Diamond Dash ★★★★

Another biggie in the app world, and massive popular is Diamond Dash. Encompassing the same addictive and fast paced action as Temple Run, this game is a favourite for all. With an arcade style interface, the aim of the game is to match coloured blocks as fast as you can. A twist on Tetris, we would say, and who doesn’t love Tetris?

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About The Author: Shelly Flaherty loves technology and gaming. She recommends Davpack’s anti static packaging for anyone needing to send their phone in the post for repairs.
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