SEO: Why keyword rankings are becoming harder and harder

This is a guest post and today our author is John, in this post he explains about the SEO expert is working. See How to become guest author in Spice Up BloggingGoogle and other search engines are always on a prowl to develop new strategies and come up with more updates to enhance the online search experience of their visitors. The increasing number of searchers on these search engines made every digital marketing company realize the value of getting a ranking on these pages. Thereby, the commencement of the process of search engine optimization took place. So let us first understand what exactly SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of getting a ranking on the 1st page of the search engines for the targeted keywords. 

There are various search engine optimization methods followed by any digital marketing company today, mainly the internal process and the external process. The internal process includes making the site of the client SEO friendly in such a manner that it gets the ranking. While external process mean where the marketing company or the client itself gets written various articles, blogs, press releases, etc. and giving backlinks to the targeted keywords. However, the external process is where the digital marketing company can experiment a lot and can explore new horizons to make the process more effective. One such discovered horizon is the social media arena. 

Strategies followed for SEO
The conventional SEO process is separated into two major parts i.e. the white hat technique and the black hat technique. The white hat strategies are more reliable and the ethical means of doing the SEO of any site. While the black hat strategies is more about tricking the system to get the desired results, even if it means to adopt unethical or inorganic methods. 

What is Google looking for?
However, the most important fact to ponder upon is what exactly it is that Google wants? Rather than doing things which are not accepted or unethical and get results, it is always wise to concentrate on what Google wants and act in accordance to the requirements. The main aim of Google is to bring to you (the searchers) the data and information that they are looking for effectively. Thus, they want real and relevant content with concrete and focused information on the said topic. If Google fails to give you the information that you (the searcher) wants, then it is not really doing what it is meant to. 

The effects of Penguin Release
Although SEO in itself can be defined as gaming the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to get a ranking, there are yet organic ways to do it. SEO is dying – you may call it a rumor or fake news, but the new “Penguin release” (the technical identity as given by Google) by Google proved it to be true and real. This new update or change in the algorithm was a good lesson to the ones who used inorganic techniques to get rankings as it identified and then dropped the rankings and listings of such companies. Now, Google has decided to focus and emphasize more on social media activities like tweets, likes, reddits, shares and Google’s very own 1+. Thus, more emphasis is given to comments, follows and the number of views too. 

This means that Google believes if you are connected with some entity on the web, it will be real and valuable to be noticed and known by the searchers too. It is now believed that if a digital marketing company is promoting any content of its client on social media, it has to be real and relevant with having very trivial chances of it being fake or unreal.
This makes it simple to understand that all efforts apart from designing, videoing and writing content which is relevant and original, are counterfeit and forged. 

What is the POA? 
It is simple and understood. Just invest in something which is real and relevant so that it generates the results that you estimated. To be a reputed and known digital marketing company update yourself with the latest trends and ensure to follow white hat techniques to get rankings. 

About the Author: John has been working in a reputed digital marketing company a number of years, which has helped him garner a good amount of experience in this field. He always keeps himself updated with the latest trends to ensure the best results for his clients. Also he writes for
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